Custom Writing on Your Terms

You may be wondering how anyone else can provide custom writing on your behalf. After all, the whole idea behind the “custom” in writing projects is that they’re written from your unique point of view, complete with your beliefs or facts. Hiring a writer to handle your custom writing papers isn’t as “out in left field” as you might think. You might be surprised to learn that the New York Times reported in 2010 that up to 60% of college students in the United States reach out for help in custom writing. It’s not that students don’t understand their subject matter and they buy essay online cheap, it really and is as simple as not having enough time.


Custom Writing and the Subject Matter

Often, many of our clients come to us and say, “I’m a psychology major and I have a difficult custom writing assignment in a poetry class.” Most college students are required to earn credits in courses that they never would have chosen had they had a choice. Nothing’s more frustrating that enjoying your college career, only to have one or two mandatory courses that you simply have no interest in. This is where we can help with all your custom writing needs.


Consider these recent clients and their stories:

Ginni was busy with the many requirements associated with applying to medical school. Everything was going smoothly but there was an admissions essay deadline quickly approaching. “I know how to tell my story, I just struggle with writing my story. I knew I had a lot of demands and to be honest, I didn’t think I’d ever find anyone who could help. First, I’d waited so long that it was due in a matter of days. I actually lost sleep worrying about it so much. Not only did you guys reassure me that my needs and expectations were no problem, the writer you assigned to my project emailed me right away and asked me things that I hadn’t even thought about. He wanted to know if I was male or female so that my custom writing project would have the right “voice” (as he called it). He asked if I had any specific stories that might help explain my passion for medicine. I didn’t think about that at all until his email. In the end, the admissions essay he provided actually brought tears to my mother’s eyes. I knew right then if someone could take a few answers to questions he’d asked and then bring it to life on my admissions essay, then this company was one I was definitely going to bookmark for the next writing project. Your company has helped me with four custom writing projects so far and I’m sure there are more that I’ll need help with too.

Bettina was really worried about plagiarism. She told us her instructor routinely used websites like to ensure students weren’t taking shortcuts by claiming another’s work. We assured her that plagiarism is one thing she simply didn’t have to worry about. Our writers maintained their integrity and the ethics of our company and that our own checks and balances were in place before we released to her the custom writing project. She too has become a satisfied repeat customer.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is for us to handle all of your custom writing needs, submitting your project is easy. Simply provide us with the specifics, such as special instructions from your professor, number of pages, formatting requirements and your deadline. We’ll take it from there. Your very own writer will be assigned and will establish contact with you via our secure messaging system. She’ll introduce herself and ask any questions she might have. You can maintain as little or as much contact as you wish – it’s all up to you.

There’s a reason why so many come to us with their custom writing needs: we deliver quality work that’s on-time and affordable.